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Over the past several years, we have been asked to add an additional feature to our existing SAFETY LEAK CHECK PROGRAM. Our customers have asked us to include the inspection of their gas handling equipment such as their cylinder manifolds, their manual and automatic switchover manifolds, and most of all, their industrial and specialty gas regulators.

We have heard stories of a customer having a leaking regulator. When asked what was done to correct the leak we were told, “It was a small brass nut that was leaking so they replaced the “leaking nut” with a plug. The employee didn’t realize the “leaking nut” was a SAFETY DEVICE, designed to do exactly what it was supposed to do. By replacing the safety device, the employee could have caused a catastrophic incident for the next employee who opened the cylinder.

Instead of having the defective regulator replaced or repaired, the employee created an extremely dangerous environment for himself, his co-workers, and his company. Now that we have included this phase of our Safety Leak Check Program, we have also found replacement fittings that were not the proper pressure rating and causing additional safety issues. By installing the proper pressure rated fittings, the system is back in operation and working both properly and most of all—Safely!!

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