• Airborne Labs International and Integrated Gas Services Inc. offers Level 1 gas and vacuum piping system vertification test programs to satisfy NFPA-99 purity and performance requirements. These tests are necessary for both new gas and vacuum piping systems or existing system upgrades.

  • NFPA-99 specifications are designed to ensure that new or upgraded piping systems have been properly installed, leak-tight, contaminant-free, and able to safely provide the desired gases or vacuum capacity for the intended application.

  • Examples of ALI NFPA-99 verification tests include cross connection tests, value tests, outlet flow tests, alarm tests, piping purge tests, piping purity tests, operational pressure tests, medical gas concentration tests and medical compressed air purity tests.

  • Oxygen, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen, argon and gas mixtures are routinely tested.

  • The ALI & IGS edge is that we are all experts in gas analysis. Our ISO-17025 accredited lab includes advanced instrument capabilities that greatly exceed NFPA-99 test requirements for any critical, high purity gas specification. This is important for many R&D facility piped gas systems.


  • On-site sampling and testing capabilities

  • ISO-17025 accredited laboratory

  • Experienced professional staff

  • Clean, stainless steel or passivated sampling equipment and hardware

  • Rental equipment for periodic sampling and testing including No-Haz sampling kits

  • Full array of NFPA-99 testing capabilities

  • Rapid report turn-around-times

  • Advanced array of analytical equipment including Gas Cell FTIR, GC/MS, SIS, microscopes, specialized gas analyzers

  • Member NFPA

  • View or print out a pdf of our NPFA-99 Gas and Vacuum System Testing services.