Airborne Laboratories

Airborne Labs International and Integrated Gas Services Inc. offers Level 1 gas and vacuum piping system vertification test programs to satisfy NFPA-99 purity and performance requirements. These tests are necessary for both new gas and vacuum piping systems or existing system upgrades.

NFPA-99 specifications are designed to ensure that new or upgraded piping systems have been properly installed, leak-tight, contaminant-free, and able to safely provide the desired gases or vacuum capacity for the intended application. Learn more about additional benefits and see services and equipment.

Bulk Tanks
& Cryogenic Pumps
Gives the welding supply distributor the freedom to fill their own cylinders at reduced products costs. The distributor enjoys the freedom from cylinder handling and product price savings. If you have any questions regarding any of the services we offer, please email us at or give us a call at

Carbon Dioxide Cylinder Filling

IGS now offers a new cylinder filling operation for the beverage industry. Cylinder filling is usually a slow tedious operation that is both time consuming and inefficient. Upgrades to the cylinder filling operation can improve on the filler's time spent filling cylinders and use less product during the process.

Preinsulated piping (X-50) helps in the efficiency of carbon dioxide product that is carried from the CO2 vessel to the cylinders.

For larger filling operations, dual digital scales help the filler process each cylinder more accurately.

We can design and install a complete cylinder filling system as well as upgrading the older style filling operations. Our new dual fill stand offers forged steel ball valves, spintite cylinder connections, and flexible stainless steel wire wrapped pigtails.

Whether you need a replacement pigtail, pressure safeties, or a complete installation, give us a call.