Fill Plant Equipment

IGS is now building control panels with two, three, and five gas selectors. These panels are either free standing or wall mounted. By incorporating stainless steel panels and aluminum frame, these panels are maintenance free. Parts for these panels include REGO master valves, Permacal high pressure gauge, and McDaniels vacuum gauge.

All control panels are custom made, therefore, each panel can be built to meet individual plant filling requirements. Our point of use panel regulators are mounted on a custom stainless steel plate. Downstream of each regulator is a 1/4" plug valve and terminates with a 1/4" or 1/8" outlet fitting. Our two station panels can accommodate two different laboratory gases.

By using point of use panels, the high pressure cylinders can be placed in a remote area, thus removing them from the laboratory and freeing up valuable floor space. This is also a safe way of using high pressure cylinders.

Ambient Vaporizers


Cryogenic Dewars

Cryogenic dewars are filled automatically and used in various applications when larger volumes of gas product are required.

Cryogenic Systems, Vacuum Jacketed Piping

When larger volumes of gases are required for specific applications, cryogenics come into service. Cryogenic dewars have the capacity of approximately fifteen compressed gas cylinders. This eliminates cylinder changes and a significant cost savings on cylinder rental. Labor becomes an important factor when this volume of cylinders are used.

When long distances are a necessity, vacuum jacketed piping is an alternative. VJ piping is almost always required for the most efficient method to carry cryogenic gases. When new applications arise and large volumes of gas required, cryogenics and vacuum jacketed piping may be your alternative. Please email us with any questions you may have at

Customized Piping, Automated Manifolds

We feel every installation is unique in its own way. Every installation is custom designed to your facility and "speced" to your application. Stainless and brass tubing is bent manually insuring the best possible fit throughout your laboratory.

The duplex manifold is specifically designed as an economical system for a total of two cylinders - one per side. Integral pigtail check valves prevent flow from a full cylinder to an empty cylinder. The duplex manifold includes two bank header sections which can be alternated as "service" and "reserve" banks. The exhausted bank may be shut off and cylinders replaced without any interruption of service.

The automatic duplex manifold is designed for applications requiring a constant and uninterrupted supply of compressed gas. This control will allow changeover from one bank to another automatically, provided a sufficient differential is maintained between the two primary regulators. An alarm can be added to signal changeover from service to reserve banks.

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